Freezer Paper Onesies


Everyone loves a new baby. My sister recently welcomed her third child into the world and I was so excited, but at a bit of a loss for an appropriate gift. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute stuffed animal, a new book or a nursery item but with two big sisters, the newest little one didn’t NEED much. Then it struck me: I will make a gift, of course.

I loved the idea of making some art for her room but wasn’t feeling totally inspired. I had seen some posts online on how to create your own onesie and that seemed like a great project. But why stop at one? I decided I would buy a few packs of white onesies and decorate them with cute designs.


Items needed:

Start by pre-washing your onesies, as directed. Be sure they are dry before beginning with any paint.


We used a Cricut machine and cartridges to cut our designs out of the freezer paper. We went with very simple images, such as a bunny, an ice pop, a crown, to ensure a bold image and less detail to paint. Put the paper shiny side down on the mat and cut! If you are freehanding, use an x-acto knife on a cutting mat or you can print images and trace them onto freezer paper, then cut.

Insert a piece of cardboard into the onesie, to ensure your paint doesn’t bleed through to the back of the onesie. Iron your stencil onto the onesie with the shiny side down. Be careful to ensure a good seal around all edges, so no paint leaks through the edge of your stencil.


Once your stencil is ironed on, you are ready to paint! I used Tulip Soft Matte fabric paint, which comes in a lot of great colors. Dab the paint on gently with a foam stencil brush. You may need a second coat, depending on the color paint you are using or the color of your onesie.


To be on the safe side, I allowed my onesies to dry for a few hours before peeling the stencil off. For some of the details on my designs, like the center of the flower and the polka dots on the seahorse, I used a clean pencil eraser.


That’s it! It’s a simple project that has a big impact and allows you to be really creative and give a personal gift. This would be fun to make custom birthday t-shirts for kids, or bachelorette party t-shirts… endless possibilities.